The Ultimate Retailer’s Guide to Selling on Social

Content Type: eBook

Client: Starshipit

Industry: Ecommerce (Shipping and Fulfilment)

Summary of Needs

Integrated and automated ecommerce fulfilment solution provider, Starshipit, wanted produce long-lasting lead generation content.

This eBook was used as a lead magnet across social media, eDM campaigns, and more.

Work Undertaken

  • Content planning and research
  • SEO research
  • 37 pages of original content with input from in-house expert resources
  • Complete PDF design and production
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Summary of Needs

Ecommerce 3PL provider, NPFulfilment, wanted fresh blog content to attract new site visitors and engage its audience.

The company wanted to provide readers with current information about the shipping and fulfilment environment.

Work Undertaken

  • Content planning and SEO targeting
  • Detailed industry research and analysis
  • Positioning of NPFulfilment as the subject expert
  • 1200+ words of written content
  • Actionable tips for readers with links to industry data and statistics